1930's to 1960's ERA

Introduction: Step back into history and journey through a tumultuous period, the 1930s to the 1960s, when the world was grappling with social and racial tensions. Delve into a perspective that sheds light on why people of color would hesitate to share their UFO sightings or alien encounters, and how this era left an indelible mark on cultural understanding.


The Sheriff’s Shadow: During this era, the local sheriff’s department was often the sole authority, but it was also a reflection of the deeply rooted systemic racism that plagued society. With connections to organizations like the KKK, law enforcement became a symbol of fear for communities of color, making them hesitant to report anything, let alone encounters with the unknown.


Fear of Ridicule: In an era where conforming to societal norms was paramount, speaking out about UFO sightings or alien experiences risked inviting ridicule and ostracism. The fear of being labeled as “crazy” or “unstable” discouraged people from sharing their stories, as it could have devastating social and economic consequences.


The Weight of Cultural History: The 1930s to 1960s were pivotal in shaping the cultural psyche, with historical events impacting collective memory. Against a backdrop of civil rights struggles, segregation, and a hostile racial climate, the focus was on survival and activism, leaving little room to discuss the extraordinary or the unexplainable.

Project B.L.A.C.K.’s Significance: Fast-forward to the present, where Project B.L.A.C.K. emerges as a beacon of change. By creating a safe space for people of color to share their stories, we challenge the barriers that history imposed. Our initiative aims to provide a platform where individuals can reclaim their narratives, not just for themselves but for the future generations who deserve to hear and understand their ancestors’ experiences.


Fostering Unity: Project B.L.A.C.K. recognizes that the past cannot be changed, but it empowers us to shape the future. By offering a supportive community, we not only give voice to the silenced but also forge connections across cultures, races, and experiences. Through unity, we honor those who lived in the shadows and embrace the stories that enrich our collective history.


Reimagining the Conversation: Our commitment is to bridge the gap between past and present, empower individuals to break the silence, and reshape the narrative surrounding UFO encounters and extraterrestrial experiences. Through awareness, understanding, and compassion, we strive to heal the wounds of history and create a legacy of inclusion and empowerment.


As you explore Project B.L.A.C.K., remember that your voice matters. Every story shared becomes a testament to resilience, courage, and the power to redefine the narrative. Join us on this journey to reimagine the conversation and give voice to experiences long buried in the shadows of history.