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As Founder and CEO of Project B.L.A.C.K., I'm breaking the silence on UFO encounters within the Black community, unveiling our cosmic heritage and reshaping the narrative.

Breaking the chains of silence is our priority. By nurturing open dialogue and empathy, we reclaim ownership of our narratives and reshape our shared history. This isn’t just about UFOs and extraterrestrials; it’s about empowerment, unity, and crafting a legacy that honors our diverse stories. Join me in defying taboos and creating a haven where experiencers can freely share their encounters, transcending fear and ridicule. Together, we illuminate the uncharted realms of our universe.

Roderick Martin
CEO & Founder

Delve into our mission statement, highlighting our commitment to promoting education, understanding, and exploration of extraterrestrial life and UFO phenomena within the black community. Emphasize the importance of inclusivity, empowerment, and bridging knowledge gaps.

Paint a vision of the future, highlighting the goals and aspirations of Project B.L.A.C.K. Discuss upcoming projects, collaborations, and the commitment to continuously push boundaries, challenge narratives, and contribute to the global conversation on extraterrestrial life.

Provide an overview of the various initiatives and activities undertaken by Project B.L.A.C.K, such as workshops, research projects, online resources, and partnerships. Showcase the impact of these efforts on fostering understanding and empowerment.

Roderick's Journey

Join our constellation of Contributing Voices and illuminate the path towards a more inclusive understanding of UFO encounters within the Black community.

Contributing Voices


Rev. Michael JS Carter

Author | Tv Personality | Experiencer
ErinLyons 100x600

Erin Lyons

Channel | Quantum Healer & Spiritual Mentor

Samuel Chong

Certified Court Interpreter and Chinese Translator

Michal Wincent


Vena Georgeyo

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